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Project Description
Syncs your Outlook appointments from work to your private calendar on, so you can get reminders on your smartphone.

If your Microsoft account has not been migrated yet to the Office 365 servers, you can (continue to) use Lumis Calendar Sync 1.4 together with the Outlook Connector AddIn.

If you use outlook at work, but cannot sync your appointment with your smartphone (e.g. because your company is not allowing your phone to sync with the companies exchange server), Lumis Calendar Sync might help you without infringing the companies policy.
It is an Outlook add-in which syncs only a minimal amout of information from your appointments in your default calendar to one of your (private) calendars on
Before using it, you must set up your account in outlook with Outlook Connector.

It is only syncing the subject and meeting room from your appointments (no participants, no content) - just enough to provide you with reminders, and only in one direction (from your default calendar to your private calendar).
But is a real sync: it is able to keep track of the changes in your default calendar (creation, updates, deletions) and propagate them periodically to your private calendar. It is able to deal with recurring appointments, including exceptions (like deletion of a particular instance of a series or move of a particular instance of a series to another time or another meeting room), so that your synced calendar is always up to date.

How to use it
  • Go to, log in with your Microsoft account and create a new calendar ("Calendar@Work") where you want to sync your work appointments.
  • Install Outlook Connector on your PC and set up your Microsoft account in Outlook Connector.
  • Install Lumis Calendar Sync, and use the Settings Menu to choose your target Calendar.

Connecting your smartphone to your calendar on will provide you with reminders on your smartphone.

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